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About Living Earth Adventures

Living Earth Adventures provides photographic safaris tours and workshops all over the world. We offer photographers at all levels the chance to explore the natural world while developing their photographic skills. At the same time, we give back to conservation initiatives in the areas we visit. Our goal is to send travelers home with mind blowing pictures, new insights, and the inspiration to keep supporting conservation efforts.


When founders Andrew Conolly, Chris Weston, and Greg Bows got together in 2009 to create Living Earth Adventures, it brought together their three areas of expertise; conservation, photography, and tourism. Andrew Conolly, the founder of the travel group African Encounter, has over twenty years of experience in organizing safaris, developing conservation programmes, and running volunteer projects throughout Africa. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Andrew has a huge passion for Africa's wildlife and its people. Driven by his passion for conservation, Greg joined African Encounter in 2003, and helped develop many of its tourism and conservation programs. Greg went on to co-found African Impact, the section of the company that facilitates volunteer projects. Andrew and Greg met Chris Weston in 2006, when Chris came to photograph the lion project in Antelope Park, African Encounter's Zimbabwean game reserve. Chris, an acclaimed wildlife photographer, has traveled the world photographing wildlife in their natural habitat, and has published numerous books on photography.

Together, Andrew, Chris and Greg have a wealth of experience in tourism, photography, as well as conservation. The result of their combined efforts is unique programme of affordable and responsible photographic tours.

Our vision is to share our passion for the natural world with photographers. Our aim is to provide photographers with incredible opportunities. Our passion is to give back to the areas we visit.